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Lynda > JavaScript: Templating

Finding tips on templating when building web projects.

Lynda > Express Essential Training

Exploring a popular javascript web framework to build web apps and sites.

Lynda > WordPress: Customizing WooCommerce Themes

Customizing Woocommerce as optimally as possible.

Lynda > WordPress: Accessibility

Learning how to best architect WordPress websites to keep accessibility in mind.

Lynda > Learning IoT Development with Azure

Learning how to connect and program IoT devices on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

Lynda > Cloud Native Development with Node.js, Docker, and Kubernetes

Exploring the back-end architecture of a cloud native solution for building the web and apps.

Lynda > Android Development Essential Training: App Architecture with Kotlin

Exploring the architecture of Kotlin to build mobile apps.

Lynda > Learning Chrome Web Developer Tools

Exploring all the features in where I spend a lot of time during web development.

Lynda > Learning Django

Exploring the Python CMS, Django.

Lynda > Angular: Material Design

Learning the Front-End Framework made by Google for Web Design.