There are a lot of hard technical skills that I have continuously kept abreast of throughout my life.

These include skills in various overarching areas such as Digital Media, which allow creative opportunists to project what they feel onto the realm of the internet by using their minds, peripherals, and most importantly opportunities to collaborate with like minds.

I have also a background in Information Technology, which is how we as humans have been able to connect with others all throughout the globe. This includes building computers, networks, and informative websites.

Programming and Software Development is another skill I have honed that allows humans to communicate by writing software that runs on hardware. Often times this involves thinking that is quite intensive so that we can achieve a positive outcome.

As someone to whom believes very highly in our past historical significance and persistence of a visual aide, I love Graphic Design. I am familiar with it’s years of growth all throughout the traditional and digital adoption of the field, and have embraced it to be a founding pillar in my life of learning.

Project Management is very fun to explore as well, as from time to time we all need a place to communicate to complete a project successfully within a collaborative environment.

Advertising is a wonderful way to get the word out, and I think that it’s been a pretty good skill to have that combines many of the areas to assist in drawing attention to your campaign. These can include signage for outdoor spaces, flyers, brochures, vehicle graphics, web based campaigns, and promotional products.

Research and Development is a great way to find available markets or pathways to explore for a great course of action. It’s often one of the first steps that I explore to enable our work together to be successful, or after the fact and during so that we can always be improving on what we’ve done in the past.

Supply and Logistics is something that I care about, because often times we need to be efficient with our time and resources so we do not bottleneck things down the line for others. I have held many positions in this field so I can learn to be better and more informed with the ebb and flow of society.

Architecture or Web Architecture is a field which has gone from a draftsman table to a digitized form, and I love to explore this field to expand my knowledge of urban environments and different dimensions.

Photography has been a hobby that I love building a library of, so that I can explore the world and see what is out there that I find of interest.

To that end, I’d like to say that I am fairly capable Jack-of-All Trades for building, repairing, organizing, or finishing a project if it involves a computer, or requires a well planned design solution.