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The Early Memoirs

In the heartland of Indiana, where the horizon kissed the golden fields, my digital journey began. Nestled in the warmth of my father’s lap, I watched, spellbound, as he wove animated 8-bit tales on a Mac 512k. This machine, with its soft hum and glowing screen, was my first window into a world of endless possibilities.

Our family’s voyage took us to Kentucky, where the rhythmic dance of DOS was unveiled. My sister and I, like eager apprentices, learned to chant its commands, summoning the playful spirits of IBM games.

Ohio’s embrace brought with it a treasure trove of digital adventures. The school corridors echoed with tales of The Incredible Machine and challenges of The Oregon Trail. By middle school, my fingers danced gracefully over the keys, crafting realms for Graal Online. My tools evolved, transitioning from Jasc Paint Shop Pro to the sophisticated Adobe Photoshop 5.5.

The sun-kissed shores of Orange County, California beckoned during my high school years. Here, I ventured between the realms of Analog Photography and Digital Media, spinning narratives with iMovie and Adobe Premiere. In 2004, I unveiled a digital canvas, my first website, showcasing my growing artistry.

Ohio’s call was irresistible. At a Technical High School, Vantage Career Center, I delved deeper into the world of Digital Media. Adobe InDesign and Illustrator became my trusted companions. My skills flourished, leading to recognition in the Business Professionals of America contests. Meanwhile, Creative Designs and Signs became my sanctuary. Here, I painted dreams for the community, crafting everything from signage to websites, and remained a pillar of their team for a decade.

The Middle Path

James A. Rhodes State College was the next chapter, where my dedication to digital arts was reflected in my stellar grades. Soon, I was charting my own course, blending my skills with the needs of local businesses and online clientele.

2012 marked a transformative phase at Bowling Green State University’s Visual College of Technology. Here, I unraveled the intricacies of CAD software, designing displays for the BGSU Bookstore. My evolving expertise led to an internship with BGSU Dining, and soon, I found camaraderie in local chapters of, AIGA, & ACM – embracing each ethos.

The vibrant cityscape of Portland, Oregon became my canvas in late 2013. Startups, freelancing, and academic pursuits at Portland Community College filled my days. In 2018, the open road beckoned. I embarked on a soulful journey across America, soaking in its diverse landscapes, cities, and stories.

The challenges of COVID-19 pivoted my direction towards managing an agriculture startup, where I seamlessly blended design, project management, and photography.

Today, back in the embrace of Portland, I navigate the realms of creative technology. My quest for knowledge is unending, as I delve deeper into the digital domain and engage with the community.

To those who resonate with my journey: The Digital Dreamweaver in me is ever-curious, always eager to learn and innovate. If you share this passion, let’s connect and craft the future together.