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Navigating Your Photography Journey: Selecting Your Niche and Becoming T-Shaped

In the world of photography, it’s often said that specialization is key to success. This couldn’t be truer in an industry brimming with various photography niches and types of photography. But how do you go about choosing your niche? And once you’ve chosen, should you stop there? Here, we’ll explore these questions and make a […]

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Celebrating Diversity: The Secret Ingredient for a Thriving Business World

In the business world, as in a chef’s kitchen, diversity has emerged as the key ingredient that brings the recipe to life. The old adage “variety is the spice of life” has never been truer. Today, organizations are discovering that embracing diversity—across culture, race, gender, age, education, and professional background—can be their greatest asset. Diversity […]

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Pros and Cons of Design Contests

As an independent business owner, there are a number of pros and cons to consider when deciding whether to work with design contests. One of the main pros of working with design contests is the opportunity to showcase your work and gain exposure. By participating in a design contest, you can showcase your skills and […]

Lynda > Managing Your Energy

Understanding more about myself to be as productive as I can, when I can.

Lynda > Strategic Planning Foundations

Exploring how an organization can benefit from planning with strategies.

Lynda > Windows Server 2019: Configure Hyper-V

Configuring to run a virtual Operating System inside of Windows.

Lynda > Learning IoT Development with Azure

Learning how to connect and program IoT devices on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

Lynda > Linux System Engineer: Network Bonding, IPv6, Routing, and Virtual Systems

Network Administration of Linux is important to know to keep projects stable and secure.

Lynda > Scrum: The Basics

Looking at the scrum framework for managing a complex project structure.

Lynda > Applied Curiosity

Awesome tips to think outside the box when exploring something new.

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