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This collection underscores not just my capabilities, but also my ongoing journey in the realm of design. My objectives for this portfolio include:

  • Exploring new frontiers in design and technology.
  • Seamlessly integrating my 2D creations into 3D environments.
  • Pairing these designs with my own photography, a pursuit that fuels my creativity, promotes well-being, and captures fleeting moments through both art and science.

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of contributing to various industries and niche markets. Understanding that each client has unique needs, I customize my extensive portfolio when proposing solutions. If our visions align, I look forward to crafting a personalized portfolio just for you.

Before settling in scenic Oregon, I was deeply rooted in design. Today, my expertise spans Marketing, advanced design techniques, and evocative photography. Each piece here, though from a pre-COVID era, showcases a blend of tradition and modernity.

Despite the changing times, my commitment to staying updated in the design and tech space remains unwavering. If you’re in search of a professional who can bring a holistic approach to design, code, and photography, let’s collaborate and make your vision a reality.