<style>.lazy{display:none}</style>Certifications | Phil Gear - Part 2

Lynda > Learning IoT Development with Azure

Learning how to connect and program IoT devices on Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform.

Lynda > Marketing Foundations: eCommerce

Figuring out what to put the time in for a successful eCommerce website.

Lynda > Photographing for Compositing in Photoshop

Learning new techniques with photography and photoshop to create art.

Lynda > Linux System Engineer: Network Bonding, IPv6, Routing, and Virtual Systems

Network Administration of Linux is important to know to keep projects stable and secure.

Lynda > UX for Small Business Websites

Understanding the value of a website from a user’s perspective.

Lynda > Scrum: The Basics

Looking at the scrum framework for managing a complex project structure.

Lynda > Adobe Dimension Essential Training: The Basics

Envisioning future or current products and their labels in 3D.

Lynda > Cloud Native Development with Node.js, Docker, and Kubernetes

Exploring the back-end architecture of a cloud native solution for building the web and apps.

Lynda > Project Management for Creative Projects

Keeping on task throughout a creative project.

Lynda > Photography: First Steps

Revisiting the basics of photography to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

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