Phil Gear

Portland, OR, 97201

[email protected]



Bachelor of Science in Information Technology                                              October 2025

Purdue University Global

Programming & Software Development

  • Association of Computer Machinery, Science Club, Psychology Club, OWLS Club

Associate Degree in General Studies                                                             December 2021

Portland Community College

Associates in General Studies – Marketing with a Focus in Graphic Design / Web Development

  • Phi Theta Kappa – Beta Epsilon Gamma/Beta Pi Rho, +STEAM Club

Technical Skills

Professional working capacity in WordPress, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Office Suite, Google Workspace, Pulse Embroidery, Autodesk Revit, and Trimble

Coding languages such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python, XML, PHP

Operating System knowledge in Windows Desktop and Server, OSX, Linux, Virtual Machines Cloud computing platforms such as Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, and self-hosted cloud environments

Hardware Repair and Diagnostic knowledge on server systems, desktop systems, laptop systems, IoT systems, printers, and mobile devices

Professional Experience

GearArts LLC – Portland, OR

Digital Media Consultant                                                                         March 2016 – Present

  • Collaborate on advancing image editing and digital photography skills locally and internationally with over 500+ photographers on social media
  • Collaborate with 50+ local digital artists and remotely, to design works inspired thousands, if not millions of viewers
  • Consult with 10+ elite corporate entities to explain processes to increase awareness of new processes and products available in technology advancements and establish brands to influence new markets of entry
  • Visit 1300+ physical locations to explore and research new ideas
  • Engage with biotech startups to capture 4000+ images of new products to find the best image and assisted on brand strategy and promotion ideas
  • Captured professional photographs for clients by building image libraries of work accomplished by volunteers as well as experience the volunteer work too and provide feedback for improvement

Mile Point Event Productions LLC – Portland, OR

Individual Contributor                                                                   March 2022 – October 2022

  • Performed Event Setup and Strike for Sporting Events, Public Events, and Street Fairs
  • Attended to rest stop duties such as providing water and lunch, and on call first aid
  • Delivered and picked up Event Related Rental Equipment and Vehicles
  • Built supply kits in a team to provide to volunteers and event staff
  • Transported event staff and equipment to and from locations

Block Party Barricades LLC – Portland, OR

Individual Contributor                                                                   March 2022 – October 2022

  • Prepared inventory and delivery of event rentals, no parking signage and barricades
  • Performed maintenance and perform quality control on barricades and signage

Axiom Event Productions LLC – Portland, OR

Individual Contributor                                                                   March 2022 – October 2022

  • Delivered Portland Bureau of Transportation Greenway signage proposing more proactive and safe modes of travel
  • Presented Door Flyers to homeowners and businesses notifying neighborhoods of street closures and community events
  • Navigated and made 75+ Deliveries from physical and digital maps

Prime Now LLC – Seattle, WA Fresh Flex T1 Associate                                         June 2020 – October 2021

  • Prepared E-Commerce orders for delivery from online purchases in multiple warehouses
  • Stocked and received goods from vendors
  • Updated Warehouse Inventory and conduct Quality Assurance
  • Suggested Innovative Intellectual Ideas to increase recruiting and product strategies

Freelance – Portland, OR

Graphic Designer and Full Stack Developer                                       March 2000 – Present

  • Consult and pursue entrepreneurial passion projects with Venture Capitalists to establish businesses to employ and train locals working with advanced technology
  • Construct over 30 first to market websites to cater to consumers, clients, patients, organizations, and business entities for an online presence
  • Rebuild websites and created fresh content for 30+ global B2B, B2C, and Non-Profit clients
  • Find, fix, or contribute detailed feedback on grammatical, design, or code errors on websites allowing for a better ranking on search engines and upon visual inspection
  • Consult with clients, implement changes, or develop marketing materials to be directly sent to local print shops with minimal or no extra charges for mass production
  • Design eye-catching logos and brands after SWOT analysis for over 30 clients worldwide
  • Create industry standard files of artwork proofs and documentation on changes

Enterprise Farm LLC – Canby, OR

Project Manager                                                                                 March 2020 – March 2021

  • Redesigned and rebuilt by hand a sealed agricultural environment planned in Sketchup to optimize canopy space resulting in a 133% larger yield
  • Conveyed with product and industry experts to meet, implement, maintain, train, and assign production tasks to project owners and workers to keep crops healthy and productive
  • Designed forms and marketing materials for Artisan Grown retail brand
  • Conducted weekend photoshoots to share with investors, retailers, and team members on crop progress at various stages of growth
  • Managed and trained 20+ outside contractors on production duties
  • Customized IoT devices to automated standard operating procedures in three separate grow rooms and three separate flowering cycles
  • Cared for the ecosystem by contributing to building and grounds maintenance on 30 acres and communicated with contractors to solve any rising issues

Prime Now LLC – Seattle, WA

Warehouse Fulfillment Associate                                             August 2016 – January 2017

  • Prepared custom orders for delivery from online purchases to be delivered in 1-2 hours
  • Stocked and received goods from vendors
  • Interacted with management to resolve any issues
  • Gained supply chain knowledge and gave feedback in team building sessions
  • Warehoused in a fast-paced team environment

Chartwells Higher Education Dining Services – Bowling Green, OH

Web Designer                                                                                 April 2013 – November 2013

  • Hand-coded HTML, CSS, and JavaScript languages at a large university food service entity focused on required food nutritional value
  • Furnished team based, service-added-value marketing material to deliver to students by email, in a mobile application, or in the browser from proactive researched personal interest
  • Devised a public nutrition kiosk to retrieve nutritional information with assistance from dietitians and chefs to encompass timely and effective information display
  • Communicated in meetings with marketing team on campaigns weekly to encompass web ready versions
  • Updated hours of operation of multiple dining halls, added event calendars, as well as updated time-based digital signage menus with designs and data using databases

Creative Designs & Signs LLC – Van Wert, OH

Senior Graphic Designer and Print Production Specialist      March 2004 – August 2011

  • Communicated with customers to develop over 1,000 custom designs were applied to a wide variety of items such as: apparel, signs, banners, business cards, brochures, vehicle graphics, and promotional materials
  • Added the ability for custom graphic design vs. stock art to increase the company’s profits and market share
  • Designed graphics on Windows based machines to output to large format printers to enable press operators to print 4 color processes and simulated processes with ease
  • Digitized 30+ artwork files for embroidery on Tajima embroidery machines
  • Trained 7 staff members on computer applications and printers
  • Built an informational website and additional sales materials for prospective customers

Be Scene Advertising – Van Wert, OH

Graphic & Web Designer                                                                    March 2008 – June 2010

  • Met directly with clients to design websites, marketing materials, sales brochures, and video production elements
  • Architected web hosting and domains for 5 clients
  • Delegated projects and tasks to other specialized media creators and contractors

James A. Rhodes State College – Lima, OH

Information Technology Specialist                                         March 2006 – November 2009

  • Aided college IT faculty with field technical support on podiums, projectors, presentation automation systems, classroom clickers, distance learning, and students requiring accessibility features
  • Laid the groundwork for events by setting up audio-visual equipment
  • Upgraded portable laptops and laptop carts with latest Microsoft software
  • Implemented equipment inventory tracking system campus wide

Key Projects

Professional Freelance Portfolio Website – Portland, Oregon

Webmaster                                                                                              October 2009 – Present

  • Five major code and content revisions and rebuilds over 13 years spanning shared hosting, to cloud hosting, to self-hosting
  • Devised 5 different branding overhauls all along same logotype but better every time
  • Combined new client projects to portfolios to expand upon previous work with new clients, year-after-year

Women Who Code IoT Hackathon – San Francisco, California

Graphic Designer, Photographer, Researcher                                            September 2019

  • Present collaborative initial ideas on projects regarding sustainable solutions utilizing IoT with 6 group members
  • Bring, purchase, and architect personal equipment to enable computer programmers to work on latest equipment to build together a project idea for sustainability in homes
  • Enlighten teammate health by contributing emotional support and 3+ coffee and snack pickups
  • Devise documentation, enact field research, actualize branding choices, photograph product, and design a collective presentation to be reviewed by judges

BeMyApp Agency – Paris, France

Project Owner – Wacom Inkathon                                                                               May 2019

  • Stand up and present application idea to a crowd of 100+ and look for team members
  • Connected others in the crowd to form super teams based upon individualized communications
  • Led with Wacom project managers to field newcomers, and interns in computer programming to join teams to complete app ideas
  • Interacted on Slack and in person to complete tasks based on idea
  • Met a round table and presented idea, and then assigned tasks to others to complete before the final presentation
  • Captured professional photos in an album for teams, speakers, and of the local environment to share with social media connections, friends, and family

LightTable Android Application – Portland, Oregon

App Developer                                                                                                         January 2018

  • Built an Android app to replicate a light table in JavaScript
  • Documented with tutorials on a website on how to utilize the app
  • Promoted the app on social media, and on the Google Play Store through marketing channels

Phil Gear – Who? – Portland, Oregon

Electronic Music Artist                                                                                          January 2018

  • Compose a musical track based off block letters on letters in name corresponding with different instruments and arrangements and artificial intelligence to create the visual work
  • Edited a music video from photographs to overlay on the track and synced to the bassline
  • Wrote an article about process, and promoted it on social media and music channels

Volunteer Work

PDXWLF – Portland, OR

Super Volunteer                                                                                   February 2017 – Present

  • Strike event for a public benefit to showcase art installations on a citywide scale for at least 250000+ attendees
  • Filled shift positions such as Operations Crew, Art Crew, Hospitality Crew, and Crowd-counting

Google Maps – Mountain View, CA

Photographer, Local Guide                                                                 October 2012 – Present

  • Add 400+ Photos to help people discover places, reaching over 7.7+ million views

The Nature Conservancy – Portland, OR

Trail Builder, Networker, Tree Remover                                          February 2019 – Present

  • Carve out a hiking path and remove boulders, remove evasive species of trees, photographed the process and work group – Portland, OR

Event Attendee and Group Owner                                                        March 2016 – Present

  • Captured Photographs of Events and posted photos on the event pages
  • Hosted a group for 6 months on Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom
  • Attend over 300+ events on Art, Science and Technology